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VAV finaliza turnê latino-americana com show em São Paulo

Com tantos nomes do K-pop vindo para o Brasil, a gente até perde a conta e não sabe nem por onde começar. Mas é sempre um deleite reencontrar grupos que já são de casa e já passaram por terras BRs muitas e muitas vezes. O K-Pop Top marcou presença no show do grupo VAV em São Paulo e vai relembrar tudo o que rolou naquela noite incrível do dia 23 de Setembro.

O VAV é um boy group que debutou em 2015 pela A Team Entertainment. O grupo já passou por diversas formações, com muitos membros saindo e

O filho pródigo volta: The Vapo X Concert em São Paulo

No dia 25 de março, Vapo, vulgo nosso querido Bruninho, deu seu nome e fez show único em São Paulo, com direito a fanmeeting, mini festival com seus amigos e after party. Brasileiro mesmo, né?

Vapo, ou Bruno, ou Heo Wonhyuk é um rapper coreano-brasileiro de 19 anos, que passou a maior parte da sua infância e adolescência no Brasil, até voltar para a Coreia em 2020, onde participou do reality show High School Rapper 4. Conquistando ninguém menos que Simon Dominic e Loco, ele foi eliminado na sem

JAY B dá a letra em São Paulo

Finalmente, as terras brasileiras tiveram o ar da graça de um dos Gotinhos. JAY B, o líder do GOT7, foi o primeiro membro do grupo a se apresentar por aqui numa turnê de alta expectativa antes do seu alistamento militar, o KPT foi lá pra presenciar e olha, ele entregou muito mais do que poderia prometer.

Seu setlist curtinho englobou toda a sua discografia de singles (já que ele debutou mesmo em 2021), mas foi o suficiente pra fazer com que a gente jogasse o nome dele no Spotify pra ouvir melho

NCT’s Shotaro Collaborates With MAC Cosmetics Japan

MAC Cosmetics Japan announced NCT’s Shotaro as their new model for a collaboration.

On September 20, the brand’s account teased their next collaboration through a silhouette dance video. They later revealed that they would be working with Shotaro on an exclusive collaboration.

MAC Cosmetics is known worldwide for leading and developing global makeup trends. With that in mind, the brand chose Shotaro as their model for this collaboration as NCT, in the brand’s words, “…are active globally and c

3 Makeup Looks Inspired by Neo Seoul Nightclub

NCT 127 are back with their long-awaited album for 2022. 2 Baddies features a variety of hip-hop, pop, and R&B songs with stunning visuals to match. With the glamor of the ‘00s nightclub scene at the forefront of this comeback’s aesthetic, Team EnVi was inspired by the looks in the teasers approaching the group’s fourth album release. From faux face tattoos to strong graphic liners, see how we incorporated flashy elements into our Neo Seoul Nightclub looks!

Inspiration for look: NCT 127’s 2 Bad

8 K-Pop Beauty Moments From July We’re Obsessed With

The hottest month of the year came by with many amazing and colorful K-pop comebacks and even more breathtaking visuals. From delicate pearls to neon colors and unique hairstyles, here are some K-Pop beauty moments from July we couldn’t help but love

Faithful to her “Queen of Glitter” nickname, CHUNGHA bodied the concept with “Sparkling” and came through with very sparkly looks for her comeback. The different types of glitter were paired with bright and neon liners, gemstones, and even pearls t

Iconic Lipstick Moments in K-Pop

In honor of National Lipstick Day, EnVi highlights some of K-pop’s most iconic lip looks. K-pop is no stranger to lush lipstick and unique methods of application, but these looks took it one step further. From dreamy pink lips to gem-adorned lips, take a look at some of our favorites.

Red Velvet’sPsycho era ushered in dramatic makeup looks. The visuals at this point of Red Velvet’s career could be categorized as haunting, dark, yet ethereal. Achieved through shining eyeshadow and darker lipstic

4 Trendy Summer Hairstyles to Help Beat the Heat

Looking to change up your look for the summer? We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you achieve effortlessly cool looks and beat the heat. These light and fun hairstyles are sure to refresh your summer days!

With the heat of the summer, as much as we’d love to wash our hair every day, that’s a recipe to make it very dry at the ends and too oily in the roots. But if you have wavy hair like mine, you know it can get a bit annoying styling it every day so it won’t look either heavy or too frizz

(G)I-DLE’s MINNIE Becomes MAC's New Muse

After a successful collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Lisa, MAC has unveiled its latest collaboration with another Thai K-pop star: (G)I-DLE member MINNIE. Announced on social media on July 15, the new campaign will be published in Elle Korea in August. Images teased by Elle Korea showcase MAC’s new Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick, which MINNIE modelled in a variety of shots.

MAC promises a long-lasting, satin finish all encapsulated in a sleek-packaged lipstick product. The shade range of the n

3 Easy Festival Makeup Looks for Summer Concerts

Festivals are a moment of celebration for music lovers around the globe. Festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Head In The Clouds have all featured artists and festival goers wearing extravagant makeup. For many, this is a time where they can show off their makeup while beating the heat.

When you’re at a festival, you’re gonna be under the sun, the rain, the wind, and dealing with water, sweat, dirt, and time. So, if you choose to wear makeup, it’s important to ensure it lasts. A good cho

7 Amazing K-pop Beauty Moments from June

With the beginning of summer, fans saw K-pop getting brighter and brighter, and the visuals in these June releases are here to prove that. From bright red hair to fun face drawings, here are some beauty moments in K-pop that you need to see!

DAWN released his newest song “Stupid Cool” on June 16 and brought a colorful and maximalist visual to his clothes, hair, and makeup. Some unique points worth mentioning are the bright pink kiss marks, the star face stamps, the metallic nails, and his signa

2Z Crash Lands in Sao Paulo in Final Brazil Tour Stop

On Friday, June 19, K-rock band 2Z finished their Brazil tour with an explosive concert in Sao Paulo. Debuted in January 2020, the band consists of drummer and leader Bumjun, main vocalist Hojin, guitarist Jiseob, bassist and rapper Junghyun, and keyboardist (among other instruments, officially named the multiplayer of the band) Zunon. They saw their fans, called FromA, in person for the first time in two years.

After stopping by three Brazilian cities—Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, and Recife—for

Team EnVi Show Their Pride with LGBTQ+ Flag Looks

Pride Month is a time for individuals to band together and celebrate their gender and sexual identity. For years, the LGBTQ+ community has faced a lot of struggles, but through determination, persistence, and love, many have overcome them.

The first Pride March was held on June 28th, 1970 in New York City. It was held one year after the Stonewall Riots, a movement started by activists and drag queens Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. In 1969, Johnson and Rivera, along with many other activis

Wondior Shows His “Colors” in Debut EP

Bursting into the K-Hip-Hop scene with his vibrant and fresh energy, 21-year-old rapper Wondior talked to EnVi through email about his inspirations, his upbringing, and the making of his debut EP.

Wondior–a play on his real name Seo Dong Won and his favorite fashion brand, Dior–was born and raised in Korea, and briefly in Guam, which helped develop his love for music from a young age. He started making music as young as 14. “I always loved music and when I was young, I loved to perform on small

6 Amazing K-pop Beauty Moments in May You Need to See

The month of May was packed with mind-blowing comebacks all over the K-pop scene. From 90s throwback hair to metallic nails to facial decorations, here are some beauty and makeup moments from the last month’s K-pop releases you can’t miss:

HYO embodied a venomous spider-woman for her comeback with “DEEP.” Beyond her smokey sharp eyes and hot pink liner, one of the most noticeable points were her nails, going from metallic silver claws to decorated pink dots to match her eye makeup.

Bringing ba

3 Makeup Looks Inspired by Golden Child's “RATA-TAT-TAT”

After their Japanese debut in January with “A WOO!!,” Woollim Entertainment’s boy group Golden Child came back with the Japanese single “RATA-TAT-TAT” on January 26. In honor of their new release, I created three makeup looks based on their most eye-catching looks from the music video.

Joochan: All About the Glitter

Inspired by main vocalist Joochan, this look’s main character is the glitter. The base for the eyes is the usual smoked burgundy-brown eye, normally worn by boy groups. However, I

KINGDOM Ascends to New Heights With History of Kingdom: PartIV. Dann

With yet another eye-catching concept, the seven-member K-pop group KINGDOM came back with “승천 (Ascension)” and the mini-album History Of Kingdom: PartIV. Dann on March 31. After a breathtaking teaser rollout, the boy group returned with another installment of their story.

The album’s lead single, “승천 (Ascension),” is a skillful blend of traditional Korean musical sensibilities with a fresh, contemporary hip-hop sound. Produced by ROHAN & DDANK of AllRN:D–the team behind KINGDOM’s discography s

Meet Three Black Women Changing the World of Beauty

Black women all around the world have had a huge presence and impact in the beauty industry for countless years, but not always granted the recognition they deserve. EnVi spoke to content creators Souzamakeupv from Rio, RavenOnRebel from Philadelphia, and Francisca François, founder of Aeva Beauty. Through the creation of colorful highlighters that complement all skin-tones and using vibrant eyeshadows on dark skin, they have made a space for themselves in the industry—a space that we can all ex

Makeup Inspired by the Women That Founded K-pop

First and second-generation K-pop girl groups are credited for laying down the foundations of the genre for women today. From standing out through “campy” concepts to sending empowering messages found in their lyrics, numerous girl groups from this iconic time found ways to make an unforgettable impact. Take a look at some of the first and second-generation girl groups and soloists we’ve dedicated our makeup to!

Idol you chose and why: Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel was first introduced as an A

The EnVi Beauty Awards: Skincare

Are you looking to boost your skincare regimen and achieve the popular “clean skin” look? Take a look at skincare products we at EnVi believe are the top-tier in their respective categories! From toners designed for oily skin to eye creams that reduce puffiness, EnVi breaks down several standout items with key ingredients to benefit from.

This product contains green tea which is great for oil control and redness. It also contains hyaluronic acid for moisture retention.

Kryscy: “I’ve used this

Beauty Trends To Keep Your Eyes on in 2022

Diving into social media, runaways, and K-pop, here are beauty trends that are becoming increasingly popular in 2022.

Throwback to the ‘90s With Icicle Hair

With the ‘90s and Y2K beauty becoming a big interest lately, it’s no surprise that hair tinsel is a trend to keep your eye on in 2022. This trend rapidly grew on social media, now known as “fairy hair,” having around 318.8 million views on TikTok alone.

“Icicle hair” and “string bling” made another revival in the 2000s as these metallic s

Makeup Looks Inspired by NCT 127’s Most Iconic Stages

As a celebration of global-hit K-pop group NCT 127’s growth over the past five years, we’ve put together looks inspired by some of their best stage performances. From their debut single “Firetruck,” to their most recent release “Favorite,” take a look at how these stages became makeup looks.

Stage you’ve chosen: NCT 127’s “Sticker” on The Late Late Show with James Corden

What inspired this look? Inspired by Taeyong, this look incorporates simplicity with boldness. With a slit in his eyebrow, I

Valentine’s Day Looks Inspired By K-pop

For Valentine’s Day we turned to music videos in K-pop for makeup inspiration. Whether you desire to steal someone’s heart this year or are actually sick of the holiday, we hope you find these makeup looks inspiring!

Why you chose this look: This look is based on the song “Desire” by ATEEZ. This is one of my favorite songs by the group. For this look, I wanted it to be red and gold with passion. To capture the idea of love, I instead looked at the concept of desiring someone. It also is fitting
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